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Protecting blue corridors

WWF-Australia and science partners recently released the “Protecting Blue Corridors" report.  The report is a collaborative analysis of 30 years of scientific data contributed by more than 50 research groups, including several IndoCet members, and allows to visualise for the first time the satellite tracks of over 1000 migratory whales worldwide. The report provides the first comprehensive look at whale migrations and outlines how whales are encountering multiple and growing threats in their critical ocean habitats and along their migration superhighways, or ‘blue corridors’. Check the video

“Protecting Blue Corridors" calls for a new conservation approach to address these mounting threats and safeguard whales, through enhanced cooperation from local to regional to international levels. Using infographics and regional case studies, we highlight examples such as how IUCN Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) can help inform marine connectivity conservation efforts – including for upcoming negotiations of a new treaty for the high seas (Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction) in March 2022 at the United Nations. Further steps of the Protecting blue corridor initiative could include the development of an action plan for the western Indian Ocean.  

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