Active members

Active members may vote or serve on the Executive Committee, conduct activities within the Consortium including grant research, participate in meetings and discussions, and provide summaries of their research and/or conservation activities for the Consortium’s annual reports.

Active members are necessarily involved in cetacean research in the SWIO, in either of the following manners:

  • Publication record as first author in peer-reviewed scientific journals,
  • Enrolment in an academic graduate program,
  • Demonstrated substantive experience in facilitating cetacean research.

If you wish to join the Consortium, you can fill in the online form.

Active members

Name Affiliation Work area
Adèle de Toma
Adrian Fajeau GLOBICE Reunion
Alejandra Vargas-Fonseca Nelson Mandela University Coastal Research
Alexander Vogel N/A Afrique du Sud
Almeida Guissamulo Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Mozambique
Angie Gullan Dolphin Encountours Research Center Mozambique
Anjara Saloma Cetamada Madagascar Duke University États-Unis d’Amérique
Charlotte Boyd Conservation International Coastal/marine conservation in the West Indian Ocean
Christopher Wilkinson Cape Peninsula Univsersity of Technology (Student) , University of Pretoria (Work) Southern Africa
Cyrielle RANDRIANARIVONY Ceta'Maore Mayotte
Ekaterina Kalashnikova Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies Tanzania, Zanzibar
Elisa Seyboth Mammal Research Institute Whale Unit, Univ Pretoria Whale's ecology
Els Vermeulen Mammal Research Institute Whale Unit - University of Pretoria South Africa
Emmanuelle Leroy Groupe Local d’Observation et d’Identification des Cétacés (GLOBICE) La Réunion
Fannie Shabangu SA Department of Forestry, Fisheries & the Environment Western Indian Ocean
François-Xavier Mayer Cetamada Madagascar
Gélica Inteca Faculty of Natural Sciences-Lurio University Mozambique
Gill Braulik University of St. Andrews Tanzania
Gwenith Penry Nelson Mandela University, Institute for Coastal and Marine Research Bryde's whales; Tourism impacts; Entanglement; Large whale ecology
Jane Helen Spilsbury Watamu Marine Association - Kenya Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Kenya Globice Réunion La Réunion
Jeanne Wagner Parc naturel marin de Mayotte - AFB Mayotte
Jeremy Kiszka Florida International University Mayotte, Madagascar
Jessica Coulon Parc naturel marin de Mayotte Mayotte
Julie Martin Globice Reunion
Katie Elizabeth Reeve-Arnold All Out Africa Mozambique
Ken Findlay Cape Peninsula University of Technology Afrique du Sud
Laura Ceyrac Globice Réunion
Laurène Trudelle
Maeva Terrapon University of St Andrews SW Indian Ocean
Maevatiana N Ratsimbazafindranahaka MZBA, University of Antananarivo & NeuroPSI, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay Madagascar
Marine Malen Attitude Foundation Education and conservation of marine and coastal ecosystem
Melinda Rekdahl Wildlife Conservation Society États-Unis d’Amérique
Michael Allan Meyer IWC and SAWDN South Africa and Africa
Michael Mwango'mbe Watamu Marine Association Kenya
Michel Vély Megaptera France
NakiaCullain MAR Expeditions- Zavora Marine Lab Mozambique
Nina Svensson Dubois Drop of Blue Mauritius
Norbert Andrianarivelo Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines (IHSM), Université de Tuléar, Madagascar
Paul Tixier French national research institute for sustainable development southwestern Indian Ocean
Rachel Wynne Kramer Wildlands Conservation Trust South Africa
S. Mduduzi Seakamela Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries South Africa
Sabrina Fossette Megaptera Australie
Salvatore Cerchio African Aquatic Conservation Fund Indian Ocean
Shanan Atkins University of the Witwatersrand South Africa
Sophie LARAN Observatoire Pelagis - La Rochelle Université - CNRS France
Stephanie Plön Bayworld Centre for Research and Education (BCRE) Eastern Cape, South Africa
Svetlana Barteneva Marine Megafauna Conservation Organisation (MMCO) Conservation of marine megafauna
Ted Cheeseman Happywhale humpback whales
Tim Collins Wildlife Conservation Society Kenya
Vanessa Estrade GLOBICE REUNION Reunion
Violaine Dulau Globice Reunion