Associate members

Associate members may serve as associate member representatives on the Executive Committee, participate in meetings and discussions, and provide summaries of their research and/or conservation activities for the Consortium's annual reports, as well as provide expertise and advice on research and conservation activities in other regions of the world.

Associate members are involved in cetacean research in regions other than the SWIO, in either of the following manners:

  • Publication record as first author in peer-reviewed scientific journals,
  • Enrolment in an academic graduate program,
  • Demonstrated substantive experience in facilitating cetacean research.

Associate members join the Consortium upon invitation by the Executive Committee.

Current associate members

Name Affiliation
Alexandre Zerbini
Amy Kennedy University of Washington
Andy Willson
Claire Garrigue
Francine Kershaw Natural Resources Defense Council
Gianna Minton Independent (contracts with WWF, IUCN and IWC)
John Totterdell CETREC WA,
Nicola Kim Hodgins Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Saquib Mehmood ClimateX
Stephanie A. Norman Marine-Med: Marine Research, Epidemiology, and Veterinary Medicine