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Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Better understanding of Humpback whales movements thanks to passive acoustics

The COMBAVA programme (COopération régionale pour l'étude des Mouvements des BAleines à bosse et VAlorisation des connaissances “) is a regional research programme supported by Globice and whose objective is to gain a better understanding of the movements of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) within the breeding area of the South-Western Indian Ocean, in particular through the use of passive acoustics and the analysis of song structure. To do so, hydrophones are deployed during the breeding season in partnership with numerous structures and researchers in the area.

The collation and analysis of all the recordings will allow the assessment of variations in temporal distribution between the different breeding sites. An in-depth analysis of the structure of the songs between sites and between years will provide new knowledge on the levels of connectivity between the different sub-regions of the south-western Indian Ocean, complementing the monitoring done by photo-identification and satellite tracking.


Regional partners of COMBAVA 

Reunion : GLOBICE
Madagascar : AACF, IHSM, Cetamada
Mozambique : MAR Expedition
Kenya : Watamu Marine Association
Tanzania : Gill Braulik
South Africa: Sea Search, Shanan Atkins
Australia : CETREC
Mayotte : PNMM
Mauritius: Green Attitude Foundation