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Flukebook in progress

Efforts have continued to improve the Flukebook platform for Indocet. These include refining the user interface to allow photographic quality and distinctiveness to be rated as well as define the feature type (fluke, left/right dorsal fin). The management of collaborations is also being improved, and will allow for read-only or full editing access between collaborators and to provide the option of reversing previously denied access. Finally, major improvements have been made to the matching workflow: systematic comparisons between datasets can be completed by creating “matching projects” within Flukebook. 

To date, humpback whale photoID data from Globice (Reunion), Cetamada  (Madagascar) and Megaptera (Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros, and Reunion) have been uploaded into Flukebook and shared to create an Indocet humpback whale project catalogue. A large dataset from South Africa has also been uploaded but not yet added to the Indocet matching project.  We will now enter a testing phase in order to assess the matching workflow and the capacity of the automatic matching tool.
An online training session on Flukebook will be planned in early 2021 and a user manual is also in preparation.  

Contributors: Violaine Dulau, Salvatore Cerchio