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Acoustic monitoring

Acoustic monitoring was conducted throughout the region during the Austral winters of 2018 and 2019, as part of various research programs conducted by different partners. Regional partnerships were established under the program Et.CEt.R.A, funded by the European Union, to share these recordings with the aim of assessing humpback whale temporal distribution at different breeding sites and investigating regional variations in song structure. This partnership involves several organisations and researchers that are recording in the region (Globice in Reunion; Cetamada, IHSM and Mada Megafauna in Madagascar; Zavora Lab in Mozambique; Gill Braulik in Zanzibar; Shanan Atkins in South Africa; Kate Sprogis in western Australia), and the data analysis is being conducted by Globice, under the supervision of Salvatore Cerchio. The preliminary results of this fruitful collaboration were presented at the WMMC in Barcelona in December 2019. They showed that a unique song recorded in Zanzibar in 2018 was shared at all study sites by 2019, suggesting a transmission event of a new song throughout the region. Globice has raised funding to continue this regional program in 2020-2021, with the aim of further extending collaboration to Kenya, Mayotte, Mauritius and potentially western Africa.