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World Marine Mammal Conference – December 2019, Barcelona

Several IndoCet members attended the World Marine Mammal Conference in December 2019 in Barcelona, which gathered more than 2500 scientists and students from around the globe. Gill Braulik, from Tanzania, and Tim Collins, from Kenya, gave plenary talks, which are available online. Researchers from the region presented their current work in talks and posters, during the different sessions and workshops. The conference was also the opportunity for IndoCet members to organize an informal meeting to discuss on-going and future activities of the network. The minutes of the meeting can be found here.  We cannot predict when the next IndoCet meeting will take place. Given the worldwide CoVid-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions, we suspect that it won’t happen in person in 2020. 

As reminders, the 2nd Indian Ocean Cetacean Symposium, originally scheduled to take place in the Maldives between the 14-16 July, 2020, has been cancelled. No new dates have been set. The 3rd Humpback Whale World Conference, planned to take place in Percé (Gaspésie), Québec, Canada between the 7-11 October has also been postponed until an unspecified date.