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To become a member, you must be involved in cetacean research in either of the following manners:

  • Publication record as first author in peer-reviewed scientific journals,
  • Enrolment in an academic graduate program,
  • Demonstrated substantive experience in facilitating cetacean research.


   Associate members

Associate members are involved in cetacean research in regions other than the South West Indian Ocean. They can only join the Consortium upon invitation by the Executive Committee. Learn all about associate members.


   Active members

Active members are involved in cetacean research in the South West Indian Ocean. Learn all about active members.

To join the Consortium as an Active member, you must apply by filling in the application form below. The next meeting of the Executive Committee will take place in November 2017. Please send your application by October 25, 2017.


Active member application form

If you encounter any problems filling out the form, please write to us at


Thank you for applying! Your application will dealt with during the next annual meeting of the Executive Committee. The EC’s decisions are based on a two-third majority in an open vote, and rejections are justified.

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