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Individual color patterns and marks on humpback whale flukes help researchers to identify them uniquely. This is why the IndoCet Consortium is participating to the development of an online matching platform developed by Wild Me and powered by the Wildbook.org Platform.

When new fluke pictures are uploaded into the platform, they are compared with all the pictures in the database. The program then determines whether the fluke is a recapture or a new individual.



Flukebook uses computer vision, thanks to complex algorithms, to compare the pictures. A researcher then checks and approves the matching results. The researcher either confirms a recapture or creates a new individual profile. Thanks to the program, photo-identification analyses are now much quicker and easier.

VIDEO – Wild Me demonstration of applying computer vision to matching humpback flukes.

VIDEO – Wild Me demonstration of bulk uploading humpback flukes into Flukebook.



GENERAL PUBLIC – Submit your photographs and contribute to the world catalogue of humpback whales fluke pictures. You might even find a match!

RESEARCHERS – Please join the Consortium to get a Flukebook user account. If you are already a member, you can access your account here.



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