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The IndoCet Consortium was founded in November 2014, in Reunion island, France, by Adèle de Toma-Cadinouche, Alexandre Zerbini, Andy Willson, Anjara Saloma, Claire Garrigue, François-Xavier Mayer, Ken Findlay, Laurène Trudelle, Laurent Mouysset, Michel Vély, Olivier Tyack, Sabrina Fossette, Salvatore Cerchio and Violaine Dulau.

Adèle de Toma-Cadinouche

Regional coordinator, IOC


I am currently a regional coordinator for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) project for the IOC countries.


Alexandre Zerbini, Ph.D.

Marine biologist, NOAA


I have been studying marine mammals since 1992. I studied taxonomy of southern minke whale species while a masters student in Brazil. I pursued a Ph.D. at the University of Washington and graduated in 2006. My research has focused on …

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Andy Willson

Senior Marine Consultant, Five Oceans Environmental Services (5OES)


Based in Oman my primary interests are in the ecology of marine vertebrates in the northern Indian Ocean area and development of research and mitigation solutions to address threats. As part of a team within 5OES this work is entertained through …

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Anjara Saloma

PhD Student, Antananarivo Univ., Paris-Sud Orsay Univ., Cétamada

                    Mad.   Fr. 

I have been working for marine mammal research and conservation programs in Madagascar since 2011. I am involved in scientific research programs (tagging, acoustic studies, photo-identification) and in all programs related to community-based development.

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Claire Garrigue, Ph.D.

Marine biologist, Opération Cétacés


The goal of my work is to determine the population status of humpback whales that over-winter in the lagoons of New Caledonia. The field methodology for this long-term study (now running for over 18 years) is based on photo-identification, …

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François-Xavier Mayer

Scientific supervisor, Cétamada


As one of the founding members of the Cétamada association, my main activity is dedicated to marine mammal research and conservation in the Indian Ocean, and particularly in Madagascar’s coastal areas. I’ve worked for many years for the establishment …

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Prof. Ken Findlay

Research Chair: Oceans Economy, Cape Peninsula Univ. of Technology


I am currently the Research Chair: Oceans Economy at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa and previously directed the MRI Whale Unit of The University of Pretoria.

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Laurène Trudelle, Ph.D.

Marine biologist, Paris Sud University


I have completed a PhD in Marine Ecology from the University of Paris-Saclay (France) in February 2016. My primary research interests are marine mammal ecology, behaviour, distribution and, particularly, the relationships between animals and their habitats.

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Laurent Mouysset

Administration manager, Globice association


I’ve been Globice’s coordinator since 2010. I’m also its administration manager. I coordinate our teams and the field work. I’m also in charge of environmental education programs, communication and external relations with our partners.

Michel Vély

President, Megaptera association


I am a veterinarian. I am a founding member of Megaptera. It was created in 1998, in Mayotte, to protect humpback whales and whale sharks. I’ve been a member of the IWC’s Scientific Committee since 2008.

Olivier Tyack

Environmental consultant

I am currently the coordinator of IOC’s ISLANDS project. During my professional career, I’ve coordinated the IUCN Islands Initiative within the IUCN Ecosystem Management Programme, as well as an EU project on Environmental Education for …

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Sabrina Fossette, Ph.D.

Scientific advisor, Megaptera


I have been Megaptera’s scientific advisor since 2009. I have a PhD in behavioral and movement ecology. For the past 15 years, I have been working on a range of marine species such as humpback whales, sperm whales, …

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Salvatore Cerchio, Ph.D.

Marine biologist, New England Aquarium


I have been studying cetaceans for 36 years around the world. I have been working in Madagascar since 2004, studying cetaceans from humpback whales to coastal dolphins to Omura’s whales. Currently I am a visiting Scientist …

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Violaine Dulau, Ph.D.

Research director, Globice


My PhD was dedicated to sperm whale ecology in the Mediterranean Sea and addressed a wide range of topics related to the species’ distribution, social structure, diving and acoustic behavior, and population genetics.

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